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sticks furniture and object art

Welcome to the Sticks Furniture and Object Art collection at Craft Company No.6! We are pleased to be upstate New York's exclusive representative of this prestigious line of furniture and accessories. If you're looking for something special for your home or for a unique gift for the person who has everything, Sticks designs one-of-a-kind pieces that definitely make a statement. Each piece is handcrafted, designed and painted with vivid imagery and uplifting themes. Furniture, candlesticks, lazy Susans, game tables, keepsake boxes, lamps, mirrors, ornaments, sculptures . . .

Sticks has received national acclaim for their distinctive line of furniture, accessories and sculptural art. Each piece is HANDCRAFTED within Sticks’ AWARD-WINNING design studio in Des Moines, IA.

Sarah Grant
is founder and creative spirit behind Sticks Furniture and Object Art. She founded Sticks in 1985 and grew her business from a one person studio to a studio that currently employs more than 100 people. Gary and I visited the studio several years ago and were so impressed by the facility and all the wonderful artists and support staff. The studio building large and contemporary with lots of doors that open to let in natural light and fresh air.

Sticks Basics

Sticks Furniture and Object Art is handmade right in the Des Moines studio. Handcrafted wood structures are made in the Sticks woodshop, then they go to the drawing studio where artists draw lines and images on the furniture, telling stories. The artists draw hearts, stars, people, places, suns, beautiful moons, stairs, ribbons, cats and dogs, question marks, light bulbs and things to make you think and smile. Things that are inspiring, silly, playful, sassy; whatever they are in the mood for that day. The artists follow their hearts drawing in boxes or all over the place, their passions and yours. They make it fun for you to tell your own story. Sticks makes furniture and art with SOUL.
Many artists work in the Sticks painting studio where they meticulously fill in the design with color. After being painted the piece goes to the finishing studio where a protective finish is sprayed onto the piece. That completes the process for basic Sticks pieces, which is the mainstay of the Sticks design studio.

Sticks Treatments
The special treatments that are offered by Sticks involve artistic applications that embellish their "traditional" Sticks look. These treatments involve surface modifications that incorporate fabrics, metals, carving and intensified artistic processes. Pieces that incorporate special treatments will cost more than basic Sticks Furniture and Object Art pieces.

Custom upholstery with incredible detail is a Sticks specialty and one of the things that impresses us most. All of the Stick upholstery and leatherwork is done right in the Sticks studio. Leather applications are most frequently made on chair seats, benches, trunks and headboards. There are a variety of leather options.

Stitched Upholstery Leather
Upholstery leather comes to Sticks in a variety of colors. The talented sewers stitch the surface of the leather with imagery to correspond with the design of the piece. The stitching can be simple or detailed as in this cowboy boot that was on the back of a chair that we had at Craft Company No.6.

Stamped and Stained Rawhide
This dense leather is smooth and durable. The leather is hand stamped which adds dimension and texture to the leather. It is then hand stained to coordinate with the color palette of the piece. A coffee table that has been very popular at Craft Company has a stamped and stained leather top as shown left.

Quilting is one of Sticks primary inspirations for leather and suede applications. Building from the color palette of the piece, the mix of leather and texture is chosen to create additional design and dimension to the piece as shown in the detail to the right.

Burned and Painted Rawhide
The smooth surface of rawhide allows for burning and painting processes that are very similar to Sticks traditional wood techniques.

Leather Collage
Utilizing an assemblage of their materials and techniques, this treatment truly offers one-of-a-kind leather applications that incorporate stamping, staining, painting and stitching.

Stitched and Painted Crust
A soft leather that is soft enough to be stitched. It comes to Sticks without pigment finish so it can be painted to go with the palette on the piece.

Creating an engraved contour drawing of the imagery and verbiage……

This treatment involves greater design intensity than Sticks' traditional treatment. This process entails a second application which shades the surface design. There are a variety of levels to the process that illustrated below. The image to the left depicts a light stain and/or color application. The image to the right has an intense stain and/or color application.


The distressed treatment begins with abstract and textured wood burning followed by bruising technique. The distressed treatment is finished by layering color tones.

Mixed Media
This treatment uses leather and metal applied directly to the wood surface. The treatment can be just leather it can be just metal or it can be a combination of both. These materials can work as accents or they can completely cover the surface. Regardless of the amount of materials used, Mixed Media brings different textures and color tones to any piece.

Inspired by intaglio printmaking, Sticks began adapting their traditional technique. This treatment entails repetitive etching and painting processes.

While Sticks traditional treatment consists of dark contour lines against a light background, the scratchboard treatment inverts the process to reflect a light contour line against a dark background.

Carved Treatment
Sculptural doodads and carved appliqués have embellished Sticks work for years. The carved treatment has evolved to include relief carvings on the structure itself. Deep relief carving is one of Sticks newer processes, and it has received a tremendous response.

Sticks "Sticks"
One of the things that made the biggest impression on us during our visit to the Sticks Furniture and Object Art studio was the giant pile of "sticks" leaning against the outside wall of the studio. The Sticks staff actually go and collect these sticks that wash up on the shores of the rivers near Des Moines. Collecting their own materials makes Sticks furniture and object art just about as handmade as it gets!

All these sticks are used for legs and arms on furniture, but the really special ones are used for sculpture like this cowboy lamp.

The Sticks sculpture line is a collection of one-of-a kind 3-D works. Like all Sticks pieces, no two item are ever the same.


Sticks with lots of character are also used to make Candlesticks, Santa's, Angels, Hallelujah Ladies, Lamps and as accent pieces on furniture and accessories as in the mirror pictured left. 


All Sticks Furniture and Object Art
pieces are a collaborative
effort by many artists.

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