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Jon Richardson Photography

Wings_of_Mercury_300px.jpgI am sure you will agree that no one person gets anywhere without the help of others... in one form or another! We are all connected and when we become aware of that... the perspective of how we get wherever it is we are going becomes a little clearer on our journey! In the meantime many thanks to those who have affected me in such a way to have come to this place in my life and I hope I can somehow help or inspire others as we move forward on our journeys.


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Grant_Noren_Lazy_Susan_small2.jpgIngela Norén and Daniel Grant create finely crafted works of functional art.  Their partnership began in Pietrasanta, Italy in 1986 as marble sculptors.  Ingela Norén, a renowned and published weaver, studied arts and crafts in Sweden, her native country, including the study of faux finish techniques.  Daniel Grant, a skilled and professional marble sculptor and painter, studied art and philosophy in California.  He made custom furniture and cabinets before joining Ingela in creating this combined artistic venture in 1994.

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Birthday Wish Balls

The talented artists at Kitras Glass in Ontario, Canada have created these colorful hand blown glass orbs to celebrate each birth month. Beautiful swirls of color that were carefully chosen to match the birthstones for each month.

APRIL- Crystal/Diamond
Those born in the month of April are consoling, friendly, and courageous. Active and dynamic, a person born in this month will never be far from adventure. The colors of this month holds the powers of purity, vitality and good fortune. 
6" diameter $35


A great gift to celebrate the birth of a newborn or any age thereafter!

A story card is included with each ball narrating the origins of the Kitras Birthday Wish Ball as well as a brief description on the personality traits of individuals born in that month.

“A birthday wish from me to you,
in hopes that all your wishes come true”

"A birthday marks the celebration of an individual's spirit. Kitras Art Glass honors this celebration with their Birthday Wish Balls. These Balls convey the essence of traditional gem stone colors with the added magic and splendor of interior glass webbing. Make a wish and the web-like strands of glass will capture it and make it come true!

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