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Sticks: Custom Bus Conversion

You Live in What? Episode: "Plane; Bus; Gas Station"

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Season 2, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: A Catholic schoolhouse that was converted into a home is featured, along with a residence that was once a World War II bunker. Other unusual abodes include a gas station, a plane, a bus and a grocery store, as well as a barn, a firehouse, a church and an underground bathroom. Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2013

The custom Sticks designs used in the conversion of this vintage Eagle motor coach belonging to Craft Company No.6 owners, Lynn Allinger and Gary Stam, exemplifies the kind of challenge that Sticks loves.

The panel on the door of the bus depicting the Eagle Bus logo and landmarks from New York to Florida welcomes visitors with the favorite Willie Nelson verse "On the Road Again."

As you walk up the steps into the bus is a panel with coat hooks inviting you to "Hang your hat and sit a spell". A small door in the panel opens for storage.

Under the driver's seat is another custom panel to hide the base of the seat.


Custom Sticks is used in many areas of the main living area of the motor coach including the dining booth with chandelier, tray hanging on the wall, cowboy lamp, half round table with lamp, corner seat, ottoman and set of tripod stacking tables. At the end of the hallway you'll see a hint of the custom Sticks closet doors.


The half round table with matching custom table lamp above was made to a custom size and wall mounted to fit over a wall heater. Among the many things at which Sticks excels is upholstery. Take note of the AMAZING stitched and painted detail on the leather corner seat and ottoman.


Below is a custom table top with matching chandelier and tray. The hooks to hold the tray were made by Gary. By the way, Gary, a woodworker and graduate of RIT, did the entire renovation and all the woodworking not done by Sticks.



Please step to the rear of the bus.

Sticks custom closet doors with header and bed headboard. The king sized bed fits into a slideout (pop out on the bus) so everything for the headboard area was custom made by Sticks using Gary's templates to fit in this area.

The closet doors were made to be a trompe l'oeil painting of what you might see while driving down the road and looking out the rear of the bus. We requested landscapes depicting  mountains, farmland, desert, lakes and tropical palms.


The bed headboard area was a real challenge to get to fit properly. But Gary and Sticks skilled woodworkers figured it out. When the bus is on the road this area slides into the bus. It is so cool to lay in bed and look at the amazing details of this headboard area.

The branch with two carved birds give great dimension to the bed header.

A small but important detail: a drawer on each side of the bed.

Desk lamp and chair made to match the closet doors and bed headboard.

A special custom plaque that was a gift from a
special friend when we started the bus project.


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 earlier steps of the bus conversion.

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